Pledge & Donate


Radio Eersteriver is a lifeline in our local communities, and we rely on your support to keep it alive and thriving! Our station serves as a platform for a wide range of voices, perspectives, and talents to be heard. We offer a space for local artists to showcase their music, for community members to share their stories, and for important issues to be discussed.

By donating to our community radio station, you'll be supporting:

- Local talent and creativity

- Community engagement and connection

- Inclusive and diverse programming

- A platform for underrepresented voices

- A hub for community news and information

Every donation, big or small, counts! Your contribution will help us:

- Keep our broadcasts going strong

- Upgrade our equipment and technology

- Support our dedicated team of volunteers and staff

- Continue to provide a vital community service

So, please consider donating today and help us keep our community radio station thriving! Let's keep the music playing, the voices heard, and the community connected! Aankap is die main ding!