This is the artist page of 25 year old Afrikaans-amapiano extraordinaire Meneer Cee. Born Dalmaine Damico Lorenzo Cochrane Jr in the humble township of Reiger Park, (located on the East Rand of Johannesburg). Meneer Cee's journey into entertainment started in 2017 with a slew of viral comedy skits. His big break however came in late 2020 with the critically acclaimed hit "Straight Outta Reigerpark/Wie Se Kind Is Die" which spawned a TikTok challenge that has garnered 20 million views to this date. Meneer Cee followed this early success with 2 more hits: The Amapiano infused dance track "Sies" and socially conscious banger, "Moenie Baiza" which have also been receiving rave reviews.
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